I'm Laura Ndikumana.

A multimedia designer weaving the bridge between
beauty and functionality.
Let me convince you.
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ReGym is an app that facilitates academic success through geolocational tools, productivity and health trackers to ensure students have a healthy mental health and lifestyle.

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glacier national park

Designed a brochure and merchandise for a national park that highlights its brand identity as well as its environmental appeals.

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Created a template newsletter design for the University of Baltimore's Office of Student Support. Designed the monthly newsletter publication focused on their  Student Assistance Program and Compass Case Management’s services to University of Baltimore students.

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Designed an accessible and  engaging infographic to inform students on free
text-to-speech resources after their accommodation registration with the Office of Disability and Access Services.

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The Book Nook

The Book Nook is a new book cafe and cocktail lounge located in Federal Hill, in Balmore City, Maryland, offering a unique social club experience where literature meets libations.

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Portrait Photography
Mid-day Munch.
Macro Photography
The Smell of Spring.
Corporate Photography
Talking to the Screen.
Cityscape Photography
A View of the Campus.
Corporate Photography
Street Photography
Rainbow Alley.
Street Photography
A Walk Home.
Architectural Photography
Above My Head.
Portrait Photography
Sunny Day Smiles.
Portrait Photography
Under the Summer Trees.
Cityscape Photography
7 PM Honey Skies.
Street Photography
The Man on the MARC train.
Corporate Photography
A Day in the Office.
Cityscape Photography
Downtown Dallas.
Portrait Photography
Incoming Finals.
Street Photography
Biking Through the City.

Cooking 101: Biryani
In this cooking challenge, I interviewed Divya, an international student worker at the University of Baltimore, on her home cooker's rendition of Biryani and brought her recipe to life.

Role: Camera, Pre & Post Production.

Coding in a Nutshell
Coding is a tedious process with endless ups and downs. Come experience a fellow student's daily tussle with coding.

Role: Camera, Pre & Post Production

Meet the Team
Meet the student workers behind the University of Baltimore's Office of Disability and Access Services’ upcoming app.

Role: Director, Camera, Pre & Post Production.